Mauritius Real Estate – Buying Residential Land In Mauritius

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While many people are buying houses in Mauritius, some prefer buying residential land in Mauritius and having their own preferred designed house built on it. Acquiring a plot of land may sound like a piece of cake however this may not necessarily be the case. When buying land in Mauritius it does take time. There may be a negotiation period and legal formalities need to be completed to make the sale. There are different factors you need to reflect on before buying land however if you buy wisely the effort you put in to acquiring property in Mauritius is worthy.

It is crucial to know whether you are buying freehold land or a leasehold one. If you build on freehold land in Mauritius it means you would own both the land and the house (you build) for an indefinite period of time or until you decide to sell it. It is preferred to own freehold land rather than land that is leased. Leasehold land is not owned by you, although leased land gives you rights over the land for a long period of time, it is not indefinite. Some lease on land can last for a period of 999 years whilst in some cases it can last for 50 years. It is important to look into this before buying land.

You have to know where you want to construct your house. This could depend on the climate you prefer or the lifestyle you enjoy. Though Mauritius is a rather small island and towns are not very far from each other, lifestyles, environment, infrastructure can be quite distinct. Also, the budget you allocate to the purchase of property would play a major role in choosing the location and size of property desired.

The price of residential land in Sodnac, situated in Quatre Bornes, can be quite high as compared to a piece of land in the town of Triolet for instance. Should you have a budget of 2million rupees and wish to purchase a plot of land in Triolet town that could be possible, however a plot of land of roughly 422 M² in Sodnac will be sold at about 3.5 million to 4 million rupees if not more.

If you are looking to reside in a posh and very quiet area, the price of land would be higher. The other thing you might want to then consider is your mean of transportation. You can definitely use the bus services to move around however in some places, the bus would not necessarily drop you right in front of your house and therefore having a car would be ideal. In case you wish to purchase a car, you can visit (link). You also might want to think how far you are living from your office or how far your children have to travel to get to school.

Land in Mauritius is gaining value every day and is indeed a really good asset. Even if you have to invest not only your money but also your time in buying a plot of land, it is completely worth it. If you consider all the necessary factors you cannot go wrong into buying land

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