Tips for Buying Second-hand Furniture

Admin March 2, 2016 No Comments

We’ve all thought about getting a cute rug or a majestic couch that goes well with our home’s interiors but the price tags on furniture items might make us think twice! Second-hand furniture would be an excellent alternative here. Prior to making an investment in such furniture, you should keep a few tips in mind:

Do not covet

We have a natural inclination to purchase furniture, which we think would look great, as soon as possible. Before emptying that wallet, consider whether you actually need that couch that you’re eyeing. Don’t let your eyes deceive you into buying something that you do not need nor have any room for.

Get hawk-eyed and listen to noises and cracking sounds when weight is applied

It’s one thing for furniture to look good and pretty but if you’re going to invest in it, you need to ensure that it’s durable, sturdy and can withstand weight. How?

Check the furniture for cracks. Does it creak when you sit on it? If it’s made of wood, do you see any holes in or on the furniture? If so, you might as well brace yourself for the loss of your favorite piece of furniture to wood-attacking insects. Creaky furniture is furniture that’s waiting to break and cause a world of problems in the near future.

Finger the foam.

Foam is quite pricey so you need to check it out first hand. You want the foam to firm and comfortable but if it’s hard and crumbly, this will just add to reupholstery costs. So, you might as well give it the boot!