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Over the past 25 years, Mauritius has successfully shaped itself into an increasingly attractive destination for financial services, a sector contributing 10.3% to a GDP of $10.49bn.  The country harbours a favourable investment climate and is well-recognised for its exceptional political and social stability, sustained economic growth and well-regulated financial sector.  The workforce in Mauritius is comprised of a large and expanding pool of highly qualified and bilingual professionals available at unmatchable costs.

Mauritius offers considerable economic and fiscal incentives to foreign investors and has built a strong reputation for investor protection and security, having been chosen as a secure location for investments during recent turbulent financial times. There are currently 28 Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs) concluded between Mauritius and partner countries in Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, with many more in the process of being ratified.

Africa is undoubtedly the emerging pole of attraction for foreign investments for the next decade, and Mauritius through its strategic position is undoubtedly the most favourable and secure gateway into the continent.  Providentia is giving clients an edge by providing a full-fledged service for investors wishing to invest in Africa through flexible and tax-efficient funds.

~ Being a Mauritius-based Wealth & Fund Management Company, Providentia is able to provide clients with a greater scope for tax efficiency, as well as flexible investment and wealth management solutions.


Mauritius: International Recognition

  • 1st in the Ibrahim Index of African Governance
  • 8th internationally & 1st in Sub-Saharan Africa in the Index of Economic Freedom 2014 (Wall Street Journal, The Heritage Foundation)
  • 1st in list of the Most Peaceful Countries in Africa (Global Peace Index Report 2013
  • 1st in Africa for in Ease of Doing Business Report (World Bank)

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